Weekdays vs weekends

hello there.

waking up at 645 vs waking up at 930 (today). hmm there is no fine line between school days vs non-school days. i get to sleep in, i get to rest at home. i get to spend time with my mother. home-cooked meals are the best meals.

i feel really different during the weekdays and during the weekends. i am very stressed and tired on school days, especially SIP classes. well because of the 2 samkias. at least i am definitely happier  in gen ed 1 and gen ed 2 classes. a lot happier. and when i get to sit with YY? HAPPIEST! perhaps not just when we sit together, i feel more relieved when she sits with girls. you know? because so far all her projects she has been grouped with many boys. in fact, out of all the 3 different group projects she only has one girl in her team.  *worry intensifies* i trust YY of course, but it is not wrong for me to get paranoid is it.. nah.

here comes the weekend~ this weekend has been a stay home weekend. a good time for me to rest and also to finish as many projects as i can. i cannot wait for this 5 weeks PPP to be over, i need a break and i am excited to be in my actual class. i really hope YY and i are in the same class.. i got so afraid after i found out that even though we are in the same course we may not be in the same class.. oh no!

i know that my posts are sort of rushed and boring, but hang in there~ i am doing my best to write quality paragraphs.. i used to have a blog when i was in p4 or p5 and it turned out to be crap. i got scolded for saying ‘woke up from my sleep. eat my breakfast like my shit.’ HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA! i got scolded by my parents and my blog was never alive again. this time it will not be the same. time to sleep and brace myself for SIP class tmr. S(hit)IP.


Busy schedule

hello there.

it has been a long tiring day today and i have school tmr, so i am going to sleep after this. i will do my best to keep this page updated but this week seems to be rather hectic with all the ongoing projects. i promise a good lengthy post during the weekends. stay tuned.

A new year

hello there.

finally, i have completed my secondary education and am now beginning my journey in SP. “do not screw it up..” i reminded myself. “not like how you did back in primary and secondary school.”

today is only the first day of the 2nd week of lessons, but i have already found myself growing an increasing dislike for SIP classes. no. not the module. not the teacher. not my friends. just 2 ‘smug-arsed-miss-know-it-all’s (samkia for short) whom i refuse to ever acknowledge them as my teammates for this project. i would not have been stuck with them if i had not moved over to their side on the first day of school. i am certain they were not there when i chose my seat.. they just spawned out of nowhere to bring misery to my life.. oh what have i landed myself into? DAMN I WAS BARELY 5 MINUTES LATE FOR THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL AND NOW I AM PAYING FOR IT WITH MY ENTIRE 5 WEEKS OF PPP!? ridiculous. thank goodness for the other 2 people though. friends.

enough! just the thought of the 2 samkia makes my blood boil. kicking them (in their faces) aside and moving on, i am grouped with nicer friends for gen ed 1 and gen ed 2. YAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSS! i would not say that i am completely comfortable with them yet because hey, there are still ice to break. the aura is different. i really enjoy gen ed 1 because the teacher is more fun and does a fantastic job at keeping the class alive and gen ed 2 because YY and i are in the same group. heh.

ps: fc4 has cheap and yummy vegetarian food *thumbs up*